Callie Hunter

Weight Of Living: A Collection of Short Stories

Weight Of Living Cover

‘Weight Of Living’ is a collection of short stories varying in length, theme and tone. Each aspect of these short stories are incorporated in my full length novels and novelettes. These short stories deal with emotions such as: love, loss, regret, and surprise.

The Short Stories include:

The Door:
Andy returns home ready with an apology, but what he finds does not please him.

Basil Morgan: Eat, Sleep, Bite:
An insight into Basil Morgan, the hamster’s, daily life. (He makes his starring appearance in Bruised.)

Saying Goodbye:
Saying goodbye is never easy, especially when it means leaving your best friend behind.

A Surprise:
Tom prepares for a romantic evening with his girlfriend for their three-year anniversary, but he does not expect to hear what she has to say.

Too Many Choices:
Ava Van Der Woodsen and her husband Andy are slowly repairing their marriage, but despite their efforts, the past lingers.

Kris and Willow face a life changing choice after a traumatic and violent experience. Every action has a consequence, but what price will they pay? [This story is also individually published.]

After a horrific accident, Noah faces a serious dilemma. Should he turn of his wife’s life support, or keep her alive for another day?

Fell In Love Without You:
A young couple discuss their future, but their ideals don’t align.

After many troublesome years, a couple sign their divorce papers. But there’s nothing to say.

Available on Amazon: here


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