Callie Hunter

‘Still Searching’ Book Series

A book series that focuses on the main theme of searching for something that isn’t quite within reach, that isn’t quite achievement, and for something that maybe, just doesn’t exist.


Still Searching: Lost and Found.

Lost and Found cover

Sienna, a thirty-year-old woman, struggles to balance the responsibilities of motherhood, a job and a neglectful husband. Time apart from her husband of twelve years feels like paradise but whenever he returns, world war two begins again.

Poppy has been hiding her affair from her husband for two years. As things get serious with her lover, she constructs a web of lies to conceal her secret life, and much to her delight, her husband remains oblivious. She struggles to keep her deepest desire in check to protect everybody involved, but can she keep her secret forever, or will it come spilling out?

Layla has always been different. After nine months of dating the same boy, she dreads celebrates her twentieth birthday. She knows exactly what he is planning, and she knows there is no way to avoid it. Long suppressed emotions escape from the hidden depths of Layla’s desires, and she can no longer ignore them, she struggles to see the path towards sanity.

They are all lost and found in each other’s company, though will their destiny’s align, or will they get lost on the way to safety?



Still Searching: Infinity

Infinity PSD cover

Layla’s life was literally falling apart right behind her eyes. An affair ended in disaster with a broken heart, and a reputation hanging over her head. Her family was barely held together, and stress of life overwhelmed her.

As she nursed her broken heart, her life had been unravelled to loose threads, pieces she could no longer piece together. Through therapy, medication, and the smothering guilt that suffocated her, she picked herself up and continued with her life.

In search for what it means to be alive, how to shed her old skin and the memories of her former teacher, Henry, Layla yearned for a second chance. Elliot Shannon was that chance. Can her broken heart mend, or she always yearn for the ghost of yesterday?

Despite the fantasy life she finally had, something was missing, but she couldn’t quite shake the pang of uncertainty. As her suppressed desires seeped through her reluctance, she finally found peace.

The key to finding infinity is to let go of her inhibitions – but is she strong enough? Could accepting a life changing decision really set her free?



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