Callie Hunter

‘Impulse’ Short Story

Impulse is a Drama-Thriller short story at 2,649 word.

Kris and Willow face a life changing choice after a traumatic and violent experience. Every action has a consequence, but what price will they pay?

Here is a sample and if you like it, you can read the while thing below!

“Oh god, what did you just do?” Her quiet voice broke the silence. “K- Kris, what just happened?”

Kris gripped the steering wheel. Whenever the light struck his hands, the crimson illuminated. He clenched his teeth. His racing heart didn’t ease. “Willow, can you please be quiet for five fucking minutes? I’m trying to think.”

“Think about what, Kris? He’s dead! You … y-you killed him,” Willow whispered.

He groaned then flicked the indicator, pulling onto the motorway. At this hour, there were very few cars on the road. However rare privacy was, he couldn’t be more thankful that on this quiet Friday morning, most people slept, safe and sound in their beds.

Available here: Amazon

Praise for ‘Impulse’

Impulse throws the reader straight in at the deep end … Callie has a way with words and a way with drawing the reader right in. If you fancy a quick little read, this is one for you. — Vicki Barnes.

The tension in the opening paragraphs is electrifying and it never lets up … From the opening line the dialogue is typically gritty, the characters are afraid yet also vulnerable … ‘Impulse’ is a perfect example of the storyteller’s art. Callie Hunter is an exceptional author with a complete understanding of her characters and their motives, writing with great confidence, natural pace and strong clear voice throughout. — Jack Hughes

This was a fast paced, highly addictive, quick read– I couldn’t put it down. The tension was thick from the first sentence and never let up. I felt very connected to the characters incredibly quickly. I really enjoyed this story and look forward to reading more by Ms. Hunter. – Parker Marlo 

This was an intense story that grabbed my attention right away and had me glued to the screen until I finished the last word … it left me with a sense of tragedy that makes for great drama.-Kara Jimenez


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