Callie Hunter

‘Hide and Seek’

hide and seek cover22






After all, we know Hide and Seek can be a scary game, especially when we don’t want to be found.

Olivia Blake can only ignore reality for so long. Lost in a world of chaos and disruption, she’s overwhelmed with the debris of her parents’ failing marriage, and the monsters that plague her. 

For every slamming door she hears, every argument, and every heartbreaking reality, Olivia touch with her childhood and slips into a premature state of maturity. When the monsters from the shadows manifest inside the father she’d always loved and feared, Olivia’s innocence fades away, replaced by self-doubt. Her rose-tinted view of the world fades to grey as she truly sees the world for what it is. 

When danger comes closer, and the very heart of her family is taken away, will there will be hope? During a game of Hide and Seek in the countdown to Christmas catches her by surprise, she can no longer hide from the monsters inside her?

Will she set them free, or will they consume her?

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