Callie Hunter


Disenchanted Novelette Cover

Nothing brings a family together like a funeral, and this is one that the Shea family wish they could forget.

Following a messy divorce, Sara, Eli, Mason and Evan went their separate ways. Twelve years later, Evan Shea commits suicide. Overwhelmed by Evan’s emotional and physical impact on her life, Sara Cohen faces a dilemma. Should she attend the funeral of the brother who made her life a living hell, or should she dismiss the idea? The desire for answers grew as the ‘family’ she once knew struggle to spend time together.

Their best attempts to remain civil fail as secrets, brutal honesty and harsh, cold reality are revealed. In a single day, Sara Cohen discovers me than she had expected, and realises that in some cases, ignorance is bliss.


‘A serious, yet entertaining short story. It’s simple and there aren’t any ‘breaking news’ events taking place, and somehow that’s a really good thing. This book is about life, and real life at that. That’s why I really enjoyed every page. It’s hard to explain, but the way this story is written made me feel strangely at peace with myself’

‘It is a pacy, gripping and often heart-rending contemporary story, a study of frailty and weakness and finding the inner strength to endure and to take hard decisions. We are not just presented with stock characters to guide us through a set of circumstances, we are given a glimpse into the lives of a disfunctional family torn apart by conflicts and rivalries and shown how those lives progress.’

‘I can safely recommend this as a work read. If you need a short story while waiting for the kids in the carpool or at a sports practice, this would make an excellent way to pass the time. The easy flow and relatable situations make this a quick, easy read. I could see this appealing to young adults and older teenagers. Whether pool side or snuggled down for a bedtime story, Disenchanted is one to pick up.’

‘I enjoyed this story. Good characters. Good story line. I will read this author again’





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