Callie Hunter


Bruised (second version, higher quality.)

28 year old Hunter Morgan receives a surprise visit from a social worker. Upon hearing the news that Daisy Starling died in an accident, he is unsure what to make of it. The following news takes him by complete surprise – he has an eight year old daughter called Evelyn, and if he doesn’t accept responsibility, she will remain in the foster system. Despite his inability to love anything, he accepts the role.

Torn between his routine of working from home and inviting different women into his bed, and stepping up and being a father he struggles to step up to the challenge. After many failures, he relies on his lover Astor Bennett to educate him. She becomes his saviour, the ‘Child Whisperer’.

Faced with his biggest fear, Hunter must decide whether he should give in to temptation and take a chance, or run away.  Just when he acquires the fundamental qualities a father possesses, he has to make a life changing choice. Does he continue being a father to Evelyn, or does he admit defeat and allow someone more capable to take care of her? He re-evaluates his past, his present and his future. Is it too late to do the right thing?

This novel contains themes of:  sex, death, single parenthood, and strong language.


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