Callie Hunter

Almost Alive




Almost Alive Cover1

As exams come closer and she faces life changing decisions, sixteen year old Savannah Carter struggles to handle the responsibilities that suffocate her, leaving her clueless. With only her art and her writing to keep her sane, she bottles everything inside, keeping a smile on the surface.

With her boyfriend absent, too busy for her, and her best friend living the dream with an older boy she met at a club, Savannah finds herself quickly lost. Is there anyway to keep sane?

Twenty eight year old Hudson Hayes has the full package. Dream job. Dream woman. Soon to be married. Everything was perfect, almost. Life with fiancee, Hanna, is growing tiresome. His enthusiasm excitement grows until he searches for one thing – the feeling of being alive.

As Savannah and Hudson’s lives fall apart, they find sanity in each other. Comfort, support and a mutual understanding love of arts. The line between friendship and teacher quickly blurs, leading into dangerous territories. Will they remember their boundaries, or will they venture into unknown territory?


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