Callie Hunter


Callie HunterCallie Hunter is a 21 year-old aspiring author, who has taken inspiration from playwright Sarah Kane, YA author Ellen Hopkins, and Korean film director Kim Ki-Duk. She has been writing with intention to be published from the age of 16. With a degree in Film Studies from the University of Surrey, England, her first area of writing is screenwriting, she has expanded to convert her screenplays into novel form. She is moving on to a degree in Adult Nursing at LSBU, in Havering, England. To date, she has two complete novels ready for editing (In Between Dreams, Bruised, and a work-in-progress called Tiptoe). She’s an avid cat lover, and everything animal related, as is clear from the starring roles the animals in her work perform!


My novels, novelettes and short stories all share a central themes. The theme ‘Weight Of Living’ encompasses what human emotions we deal with daily. Those that we show, and those that we suppress.

I vary in themes from relatively happy stories with vague underlying trouble to writing about themes such as rape, prostitution, divorces, single parenthood, suicide and domestic violence. These themes attract me because people can often misunderstand them or judge them on a surface level. I aim to get inside the character’s heads and understand the mentality and thought processes.

I’ve been writing for seven years and my first novel, which has been edited and re-named ‘Tiptoe’ covers some of these themes. My writing had developed over time and my skills for creating a believable character, who is likeable, vulnerable yet endearing at the same time, had dramatically improved.

My main writing influences are Ellen Hopkins, Kim-Ki Duk and Sarah Kane. They influence my subject matter and gave me the confidence to write about what I wanted to, not what other people wanted me to. I’ve recently published my first short story ‘Impulse’ and have a collection of short stories called ‘Weight Of Living’ while I wait for beta readers to get through ‘Tiptoe’ and my novelettes.

Writing is the largest part of me. It’s my biggest passion (closely followed by nursing) and it will always be my escape from the real world. When things get tough, or I’m tired of being me, I can slip into somebody else’s shoes and walk a different path in life. Through writing about these troublesome tales, I have learned many lessons about love, friendship, passion, and overall, what it means to be human. I hope you, as a reader, will share the same experience.


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