Callie Hunter

Inspiration, where have you gone?

It’s been so long…are you all well? How has life been treating since inspiration had packed her bags and left me all alone? It’s been a tough year and it seems like inspiration has finally come back, and is contemplating unpacking. What is the point of this post? Well, I suppose it’s say I hope you’ll welcome me back and you’ll enjoy my peeks of my writing when I finally get them ready to see the world.

Why not give you guys a summary of my year? Well, I’ve decided to take a break from the university degree to focus on taking care of the young child that lives inside my head. Here’s some good news–writing has always been my saviour. I’ve always loved writing…it’s always been my coping mechanism and I’ll tell you what, it’s going to be that once more. I guess that means you guys will be stuck with me popping up on your news feeds again (sorry?).

But hey,  back on point. (Distractions are all around.) I’ve actually got a few ideas on at the moment, ready to get my claws into writing, forcing inspiration to stay by my side. The first one is a novella, untitled at the moment, which focuses on a woman’s doubt in her husband as she questions everything she knows. Will she like what she finds out? Maybe. Maybe not. The second idea is a short story based around revenge. Oh yes, who doesn’t love revenge? When these ideas wake up the parts of me that strike at 3am with thoughts of “oh this idea is gonna be amazing, let’s go write this down immediately” things will once again, be stable. 

In other news, I actually have a reason to wear glasses! It’s been a long time since I’ve worn them but I’m more than happy with them. It almost makes me look my age. Almost. I’ve lost the point of this post…anyway, how have you guys been? Have you been reading anything good? Please update me. Recommend any good books. Let’s be friends.

(Please enjoy my face.)

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