Callie Hunter

I: 21st August, 2010.

Oh, hi guys. Back so soon, huh? That seems to be how I function. Anyway, this is a very rough introduction to my Untitled novella. It’s not been edited yet, so it may be full of errors. It’s also the first writing I’ve done since I can actually focus on writing again. What do you guys think? Where do you think the story is going? 

This is a huge work in progress. Any feedback is more than appreciated. I hope you guys like it. Please enjoy!

The light scratch on Vanessa’s fingertips felt far too familiar; they’d been here before. Too many times. One step forward, three steps back. She stroked along Adam’s jawline, her focus on his hands resting helplessly on his knees. There were very few times that she could say her husband had given in to defeat, waved his white flag and retreated from the battle of Pride. The sunken eyes rarely shifted from the same spot on the wall, blinking occasionally, completely comatose to the rational world.
 “Adam…honey.” The desperate tone barely broke through the protective bubble surrounding him. He didn’t need sympathy, he didn’t need emotional or physical support…he needed one thing, and it had slipped from his grip like granules of sand; tangible to touch, but impossible to savour. Vanessa knelt before him, her hand remaining on his cheek. “Look at me.”

 His green eyes stared right through her. No sign of life beyond the glassy orbs that had once sparkled.

 “We can get through this. No matter what we need to do. No matter how long it takes. We’re in this together. For better, for worse.”

 His fingers twitched, the material of his jeans escaped his grip.

 “Say something…”

 In an instant a slither of the Adam she had married flashed before her, like a lost lamb waiting to take his final steps of life before it could be taken away. Almost as soon as she’d seen it, it was gone. His lips parted, almost ready to speak, but silence returned for a matter of minutes. The grandfather clock ticked. The droplets of rain trailed down the double glazed windows.

 “It’s just things. Four walls. A house is not a home, Adam. Things will be okay, you have to trust me.” Vanessa took Adam’s hands in hers; she guided them to her stomach. Her fingers locked between his. “Trust us.”

 “I don’t know who I am anymore,” were the only words he could say, the only sign that her husband still existed. His hands twitched, a rigid movement soon becoming a circular stroke of his hands.

A flash of normality returned, the absent stare softened just enough for Vanessa to coax him from the shadows of his mind. “We can go anywhere. I don’t care if we don’t have a garden, if we don’t have a driveway. All we need is you. Please try, Adam.” She released his hands from her smaller grip.

 A nod of defeat marked Vanessa’s success; Adam lowered his hands from her stomach and returned them to his knees. His absent stare returned and silence returned. The clock continued to ticket until the deep sound echoed throughout the house, marking the second that their second wedding anniversary officially began.

Adam stood, towering about her. “I need a drink.”

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