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‘Identity’ Release Date!

A woman wakes up in the middle of a field with blood on her hands, but no memory of who she is, where she is, or what she has done. As events unfold during the following days her old forgotten life delivers many aspects she almost wishes had remained lost to her consciousness. The final dramatic conclusion has huge impact on all involved.

The reader follows the same journey as the characters as events unfold, secrets are revealed and lives are changed – for better and for worse.

A while ago I finished my first draft of Identity – great, huh? It was even better when I sent it off to a publishing house called Titan InKorp and you hear it all the time – people getting rejection after rejection so I prepared myself. It wasn’t perfect, I edited the best I could but many typos slipped through and I half expected a negative response but when then CEO contacted me with a contract, I was thrilled!

Count me as a published author soon – not just self-published. I was half expecting them to rip my work to shreds. Critique websites teach you that however good you think your work is, somebody else thinks it’s complete and utter rubbish. I’ve gained a lot confidence in my writing since getting this acceptance. It’s honestly one of the greatest feelings in the world.

Even more so, the feedback from my early drafts of the story gave me the confidence I needed to know that I had a winner ready for edit from Titan.

For those who want to read Identity, there are some samples on my blog (though it’s not the final edit!) and it’ll be released on Kindle and paperback. If you read and enjoy it, please share the links with your friends. It’s available from Friday 28th March!

A Sneak peek:

Part One.

Part Two

Part Three

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2 thoughts on “‘Identity’ Release Date!

  1. WOOOT WOOOOT! well done mon cherie.

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