Callie Hunter

‘Nothing Will Matter’ Writing Prompt.

DISCLAIMER: I found the photograph on Deviant Art. Awesome, isn’t it?

As part of a writing group I’m involved in, we were given a prompt, and let’s just say, I certainly had fun! But we have ten minutes to write and then stop. YES, STOP. No editing the main text, just fixing typos and such. So alas, this may be rough but this is my best effort. I can assure you, I’m not crazy. (I think.)

Nothing will matter in the morning. She’ll still be dead, and her blood will still linger on my hands, tainting my pale skin – and I won’t feel any different.

Her best attempt to push me away had almost worked. A sharp knee to the groin was almost enough for her to wriggle away, dragging her wounded legs behind her. Luckily, she couldn’t go far. She dragged herself along the floor, her nails screeching with every desperate plea. ‘Let me go, don’t do this,’ she continued to whine. I grabbed her ankles and pulled her back, pinning her down beneath me.

I’d almost forgotten how I’d ripped her shirt open, and as usual, she wasn’t wearing a bra. She never did. She preferred easy access than a challenge. As predictable as she was, she made my job easier. Why waste a beautiful goddess, sculptured to perfection? She may be a cold-hearted, heinous bitch but she was still an incredible fuck. Even through her breathless sobs as I gripped her neck; the look in her eyes only encouraged me.

Do I feel bad for grasping her neck, squeezing the life from her as I shattered her trachea, listening to her breathless pleas for forgiveness? No. In fact, I feel better. A weight has been lifted from my shoulders.

It had been years since I first laid eyes on her. Blonde hair, now matted; crimson stained the tangles and her make-up had run. Her lipstick remained, however. She looked like something from a freak show. A circus. That’s what she was. A freak. A liar. A whore.

Never mind.  She won’t be a problem anymore. As she took her final breath, I closed my eyes, allowing my body to surrender to its desires. As I filled her, a final wave of serenity struck.

Equilibrium had been achieved. One less complication. Now, what to do with the body?

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2 thoughts on “‘Nothing Will Matter’ Writing Prompt.

  1. parkermarlo on said:

    Something so twisted from such a sweet girl! I love it!

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