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Almost publication time for ‘Disenchanted’!

As Disenchanted nears the publication date [when my lovely Editor has finished working her magic] I am feeling rather confident with the work! I’ve posted another snippet to prepare you for the release.

chapter eleven section png
















I figured I would focus my excitement on this novelette to go through a few things that helped me to complete this novelette. The theme is one that often passes through my stories in one way or another. Broken homes, broken families and the struggle to re-connect/repair the emotional damage. Perhaps, as it has been said, I write about “the most depressing things together in one story” but I disagree – I write about aspects of life that I feel need to be understood.

In regards to this specific story – how a suicide can affect those left behind, but I tackle the subject from a different angle. Evan Shea is not your typical good guy, he’s not the kind of man you’d expect to love, like or even tolerate. But despite his less than friendly personality, his passing left a mark on his family. How do they respond to this? It’s potentially life changing, and my characters all respond to this ‘tragic’ event. I use the term tragic loosely, as you’ll soon learn when you read the story!

Each person in the family has a different view on the suicide and their way of dealing with the event. Some have more trouble to accept it, and others feel no pity for him – even bordering on frustration at his dramatic end. But each character had valid reasons for this.

Suicide is a topic that can turn people’s lives upside down. And It’s never really easy to handle. Even if you’ve never experienced the aftermath of a suicide in your lifetime, we’ve all experienced death in some form. I chose this theme because something similar to this has happened in my lifetime and although I don’t remember it very well, I can see the affects that linger in my family members and it inspired me to write this novelette.

There’s more than just Evan’s suicide that fuels the action in the story. The family that have had no contact for twelve years come back together and they’re finally faced with things they’ve ignored, disregarded or blindly accepted in their youth. When revelation come to light and questions finally have answers, ideologies are broken. Evan’s moods were blindly tolerated without reprimand, Sara’s struggle to live under the same roof as her brother became her downfall. Even twelve years later, every character holds grudges from the past, and they demand their answers. This may be the only chance they get to fill the voids that have hindered them from moving forward with their lives.

How will they recover? Will they be able to repair the damage, or are they fighting a losing battle?

This novelette will be released on Amazon shortly but you find more information on the following Facebook pages: here and here. This novelette is centrally based on Sara, but everybody gets a surprise or two when the answers to their questions start to flow.

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