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In Between Dreams – Prologue preview.

After a wonderful dream in which I found the inspiration for my cover art, I re-wrote my prologue and first chapter. I’m in such a good mood and I love this story with every ounce of my being that I had to share! How could I not? This novel will receive a lot of TLC when I have time, energy and patience!

This may not be the final version of this chapter, but it’s more or less as good as it can be with an exam looming and my enthusiasm to study gradually creeping back. I hope you enjoy this prologue and will want to read more.


What an asshole.

Parker Lefevre rested his chin against his palm, leaning against the dirty window, watching the world go by. As his own came crashing down, everybody else moved on. His life had no impact on anybody or anything. He blinked as they approached a red light, and the radio in the front of the car disturbed his peaceful haze.

With a single glance Parker caught the cop’s eye. He lifted a brow, usual expression of authority on his face, but Parker wasn’t fazed. The cop finally spoke, “You’re lucky I don’t take you right to the station, young man. If it weren’t for your father, you’d be in a cell. I shouldn’t even be letting you off. Your father will be disappointed in you.”

“What’s new?” Parker slumped in the backseat and stretched his legs out, rubbing his palms against his pants.

“At least you weren’t planning to drive. You’re not completely incompetent.”

“Not completely,” Parker agreed, nodding slowly.

The light changed and the car gradually picked up speed. When the familiar row of grand houses appeared Parker’s heart sunk in his chest. Waking Christian up at three in the morning was a concern – as far as Parker was concerned Christian could be woken up time and time again and there would be no regrets, but his mother? The poor woman who brought him into the world, and loved him, despite the many reasons she shouldn’t? He could only imagine what thoughts circulated through her mind.

The large gates appeared, illuminated by the brilliant moon’s beams. The cop pulled up onto the drive beside the row of cars. The engine stopped, but the lights continued to swirl, probably waking the entire street in the process. Parker sighed and stared at the door, waiting for it to open and the silhouette to present itself.

Who would greet him? Would it a slap on the wrist or a lecture laced with nothing short of hatred? The feeling was mutual. His heart settled when he saw his mother’s silhouette waiting to greet him.

The cop opened the door for him and gestured for him to get out. “Sorry to disturb you at this time, Mrs Lefevre. Your son was at a house party where drugs were found. He may need a few aspirins in the mornings. With your husband’s promotion I doubt a son in a cell is what you both need.”

“Oh, thank you, Richard. It’s kind of you to bring him home.” Amanda approached him, wrapping her arms around his neck tightly. “Oh, Parker. Are you okay?”

“I’m fine, mom. I want to go to bed, though.” He turned back toward the cop and nodded his head lightly. “Thanks.”

“Don’t do it again. I can bend the rules once, but not twice. Watch yourself, young man. This is a very dangerous path you’re going down.”

Where have I heard that before? Parker waved his hand then stepped into the grand house. He slipped his jacket off, then his shoes, then let out a sigh. The warmth of the fireplace was a nice change to the icy chill of the morning air.

Parker caught sight of his brother hiding behind the banister, watching the scene as it unfolded. Before Parker could say anything, heavy footsteps approached.

“Honey, he’s fine. Get to bed.” Mom tried to defuse the situation but it was no use.

“No, let him talk, mom. Rather him say it to my face.” Parker gestured to Christian to speak.

He stood in a dressing gown, usual expression of disdain on his face. The once wrinkle-free face had transformed into a one that resembled an elderly man. The responsibilities of handling Parker’s ‘poor life choices’ were showing. “Have a good time, did you?”

“I did, actually.”

“Glad you had fun. Never mind that your mother has a long shift tomorrow, and not to mention that you have exams soon. Your brother was asleep until you woke the entire house. But what do you care? As long as you had a good night, what does it matter?”

Despite the thick sarcasm, Parker smiled sweetly in response. “I’m glad you agree, but I’m tired as fuck. Think I’ll head to bed if you’re quite done.”

Christian stepped closer, peering down at Parker with pure disgust in his dark eyes. “It’s about time you grew up, young man. The last thing this family needs is you screwing everything up. Screw your own life up but leave us out of it. Now get the fuck out of my face.”

Parker lifted a brow. Let Christian try. Let him lay a hand on his troubled child, destroying every chance of that promotion he’d been chasing for years. This time it was within touching distance. He was so close.

“Well, goodnight Mom.” Parker turned towards her. She placed her hand to her chest; her panic-stricken eyes never left him. “Sorry I woke you. I didn’t mean to disturb you.” He kissed her cheek.

“I’m just glad you’re okay.”

“I’m always okay. Don’t worry about me.” He pecked her cheek. “Sweet dreams.”

“Goodnight, darling.”

Without acknowledging Christian, the anger visible on his bright red face, Parker climbed the stairs, completely disregarding his twin. Footsteps followed behind him and when he tried to close the door, it bounced back.

“Why are you always out late? One of these days you’re gonna find yourself in a cell and we won’t be here to bail you out.” Mikey rambled; he’d almost perfected the lecture Christian would usually spout.

“Fuck off, Mikey.”

“Don’t talk to me like that. I’m not Dad.”

Parker laughed and threw his shirt into the overflowing hamper of dirty laundry. “Stop acting like him then. Just leave me alone. I need to sleep. Haven’t you got exams to study for?” He pulled the covers of his bed back and adjusted the pillows. Maybe he’d better do his teeth first.

He abandoned his bed to enter the en-suite bathroom. Mikey followed, as expected.

“The same ones you have, but you’re too busy with whatever her name is.”

Parker cleared his throat, twisting the tap until cold water trickled out onto his toothbrush. “I don’t need to study. Get out of my room.”

Mikey threw his hands in the air. “What is wrong with you?”

“I have a headache and your whining isn’t exactly helping.”

“Maybe you wouldn’t have a headache if you were more responsible.”

Parker narrowed his eyes and angled the toothbrush in his mouth just enough to say, “Fuck off.”

With that, Mikey left, grumbling under his breath. He didn’t do a good job at masking the mumbles. Perhaps he’d intended for Parker to hear every word, and that they may magically change him. He’d change his ways. He’d follow in Christian’s footsteps and become a robot. He continued to brush until his mouth was perfectly fresh. Not a single trace of alcohol remained. Well, what he cared to erase.

“Can’t get a moments peace in this goddamn house.” Parker spat into the sink then looked back at the mirror. He truly looked like death, but Tammy’s lipstick remained on his neck. He’d wash it away tomorrow. He slipped the toothbrush to the holder then strolled back to his bed.

His cell buzzed in his pocket as he settled down on the soft mattress. Oh, right. He tugged it out, then pushed the jeans down, kicking them to the floor.

A text from Cleo: Oh my god, are you okay? I just heard what happened. I told you she’s no good! She’ll get you arrested if you’re not careful, Parker.

He groaned. Another lecture. He hit reply: I’m fine. Don’t lecture me, I’ve had enough of that for a lifetime. I’ll see you tomorrow. Stop worry about me, Miss Alvang. Goodnight.

He put his cell aside and rolled over. The lingering scent of perfume remained on his pillow. His lips curved into a smile and he closed his eyes.

Ping. What was this? Another lecture? He groaned and checked his phone. Tammy. He smirked and opened the message: Had a good night tonight, shame we didn’t get to finish. Maybe next time. Sweet dreams. Wish I was there.

Parker nibbled his lower lip, tapping keys as he thought back to the premature ending. When the door burst open, Parker locked eyes with the cop, sour expression, lips twisted. Handfuls of D-cup breasts, smooth thighs around his waist, their evening came to an abrupt end. He hit send: Don’t worry, we’ll make up for it next time. See you tomorrow.

He dropped it to the bedside table and rolled over, face buried into the pillow. No more interruptions.

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