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Review: Rag Doll by Rebecca Scarberry – ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

I’m doing my first review! Here we go!

I read the preview on amazon and was gripped instantly. The hook from the first line truly grabbed me and I could hardly stop myself from reading on.

The first chapter gave a good sense of character immediately. We meet Jeremy, a father hopelessly in love with his son, Todd, and a wife, who still yearns for her High School sweetheart. My sympathy as a reader rested with Jeremy and in such a short time, Rebecca has allowed us to associate and care for her characters in a short period of time.

The plot thickens and as the story progresses I felt bad for Jeremy but with limited information, Rebecca keeps us on our toes and keeps us guessing.

The descriptions in the novella were very vivid and visual and really painted a clear picture in my mind. It could see the story unfolding like a movie which helped me to associate with the characters and the story.

What I found particularly interesting in terms of characters was Rita’s lack of interest in her first child, and it made me sympathy for Todd grow, and my negative feelings for Rita rose. The character of Rita has many layers that truly painted her as a realistic character.

It was well written and definitely gripped me from beginning to end. The characters were well written and the dialogue was well constructed. Nothing felt false or unnatural. Rebecca managed to grip me and allow me to emotionally connect to get characters.

It was a pleasure to read on and I would recommend it to anyone who wants am easy read that’s impossible to put down.

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