Callie Hunter

First novel – complete and ready to second draft!

Alas, after much time preparing, writing and editing the end is near!

I’m almost ready to put ‘In Between Dreams’ to rest. It’s been a good experience and filled me with lots of energy for my second novel.

There’s something satisfying about starting a project, pushing through the painful process of planning, writing, re-writing … and re-writing it to death, because it’s complete. A beautiful little bundle of joy you can share with the world. I hope the readers enjoy it as much as I do.

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2 thoughts on “First novel – complete and ready to second draft!

  1. Congrats on nearing the finish line! It must be a great feeling 🙂 I think it’s admirable that you are able to tell when the end is in sight; many writers struggle with that. Good luck with the rest!

    • thank you so much! It makes me happy that all I lack is clarifying things and descriptions and the plot is pretty solid! Not bad for 5/6 years of planning. The first novel is always the hardest. I wish you much luck with your writing! It’s a proud moment when your work is almost finished.

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